Japanese Government Extends Additional Privileges to Foreign Academic Researchers

A lot of foreign academic researchers and postgraduate professionals aspire to land a job in Japan in order to expand their knowledge and experience with regard to their respective areas of expertise. However, in the past, Japan has been known as one of the strictest country when it comes to immigration policies and working visa requirements.


However, in recent years, the Land of the Rising Sun has been suffering from a workforce setback as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and vast decline in inward migration. This prompted the Japanese government through its National Diet to amend its immigration policies that used to provide stringent requirements for foreign nationals who seek to land a job in the country.


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One of the most notable changes in the new immigration rule is the introduction of the “Specified Skilled Worker” visa and additional benefits or perks extended to foreign highly skilled professionals. With these measures, the Japanese government hope to attract more and more foreign workers in the country in order to make up for the chronic labor shortage experienced by various firms and industries in Japan.


In view of the hectic schedule of academic researchers who are devoted to enhancing their specific area of discipline, the Japanese government deems it proper to provide them with extra privileges so as to enable them to focus on their current work and academic endeavours.


Among the special benefits or perks extended to highly skilled professionals including academic researchers is that the government allows them to bring their mother, father or a domestic helper from their respective country of origin so that they can assist them in taking care of their children as well as other domestic needs.


Furthermore, majority of academic researchers need not worry about the language barrier in Japan because big multinational companies based in the country are already well equipped with reading materials, tools and manual that are already translated in the English language.



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