Japanese Gaming Industry to be Augmented by 5G Connectivity Service

The Land of the Rising Sun is among the most technologically advanced countries all over the globe. It is known for its world class innovations not only in Asia but also on a universal scale. With this technological capacity, Japan is considered as one of the most sought after digital gaming hub attracting hundreds of thousand of gamers and enthusiasts from different parts of the world.


This year, a Tokyo Game Show will be conducted in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. Numerous gaming enthusiasts especially the younger generation are looking forward to attend and participate in the said event. One of the much anticipated features of the show is the high speed 5G network connection which is expected to highly augment the quality of online gaming.


Since the data transmission speed of the 5G network is around a hundred times faster than 4G, the connection is presumed to be more stable with flawless and more vivid images as well as sharper motion. It will definitely enhance and upgrade the quality of virtual reality games.


Major wireless service providers that supply cellular connectivity services to both mobile phone and tablet subscribers already installed 5G base stations at their booths this 2019. Thus, the high-speed network is readily available at the show.


Omar Alshiji, a game designer and a profession electronic sports player from Bahrain remarked that “It was very smooth, responsive and consistent after he tried out some fighting games at the NTT Docomo Inc. booth.” He added that, “My country does not have 5G, only 4G, so I wanted to try it. It was faster.”

The commercial 5G services will be made available to the public in Japan by 2020. This all new and improve internet connectivity service will not only perk up the quality of virtual games but it will also benefit other fields such as but not limited to automatic driving and remote medical surgery.


Reference: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to give big boost to online gaming


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