Japanese Food Shops Offer Rugby Cup Inspired Menu

As the rugby hype continues to spread across the Land of the Rising Sun during the course of the Rugby World Cup games this September 20 to November 2 of 2019, various restaurants and food establishments have joined the trend in order to attract more customers who are rugby fanatics and sports enthusiasts.


Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

For instance, the Oak Door Bar situated at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo offers a one of a kind recipe for restaurant bar goers who watch sports particularly the Rugby World Cup 2019 matches. Some of their food choices include western inspired choices such as but not limited to burgers, hot dogs and beer cocktails. The bar open from 11:30 am up to 10:30 pm until November 2.


One of their best sellers is the Rugby pork hot dog. It comes with a chili con carne topping which is suitable for meat lovers. The other food choices in the menu include the England hot dog, New Zealand burger and Japan hot dog which feature individually colored buns particularly representing the colors for each teams.


The rugby team of Japan has become more motivated with pork sausage, daikon radish, daikon radish, teriyaki mayonnaise and the mouth watering wagyu steak. On the other hand, they also serve a large serving of All Blacks inspired burger that is served with delicious beef patty, deep fried jalapenos and fresh salad placed just so on a bamboo charcoal bun. Beer Aperol or Beer China Blue are available may be avail of at a special price as part of a rguby burger or hot dog set.


The Grand Hyatt Tokyo is just three minutes away from the Roponggi Station. Another popular resort that serves rugby themed food selection is the Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa. It also offers food choices that are best for the autumn season.


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