Japanese Firms Seek to Develop Autonomous Electric Cars for Commercial Use

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Various countries and commercial establishments worldwide would agree that the Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most advanced technological products and gadgets. Year in and year out, Japan welcomes hundreds of thousands of globetrotters who come to visit the country not only to enjoy its beautiful tourist attractions, experience its unique culture and try out its iconic dishes; but also to witness the amazing technological innovations in Japan.


This coming November 4, 2019, quite a number of car enthusiasts from different countries are looking forward to the Tokyo Motor Show during which various electronic companies such as but not limited to Hitachi Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Panasonic Corp. will exhibit their most high end products and services. These established car companies are set to manufacture motors, inverters and sensors that will be vital parts in assembling automatic electric cars.


On the other hand, electronic companies and non automotive firms are likewise considering the possibility of expanding their line of business in the car sector. These companies believe that continuous innovations and growth are necessary in view of the growing demand for automatic and electric vehicles.


Based on an estimated by the International Energy Agency, more than fifty percent of cars will either be fully or partially generated by electricity in the year 2040.


In this regard, Hitachi Ltd is starting to invest time and efforts in their research on autonomous driving technologies. According to the company’s chief technology officer Kimiya Yamaashi, “In addition to making good products, we can also utilize resources of our Hitachi group such as high-quality infrastructure and safety technologies.”

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi will be showcasing its Emirai S concept car on November 4, 2019 during the Tokyo Motor Show. The said concept vehicle will present its driver monitoring system that is intended to avoid fatal accidents due to a driver’s sudden illness.


Reference: Japanese electronics firms eye expansion into self-driving and EV technologies


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