Japanese Firms In Need of More Foreign Business Executives

In view of the corporate culture and language barrier in Japan, a lot of foreign business executives such as but not limited to those in the managerial or Chief Executive Officer level are quite hesitant to apply and work for a firms and establishments in the Land of the Rising Sun. In addition to these factors, foreign nationals are also concerned about the stringent requirements imposed by the immigration policies of the country in acquiring the particular residency and work visa.


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However, as of April of 2019, the government of Japan through its National Diet amended the Immigration Control Act so as to accommodate more and more foreign nationals who aspire to land a job in the country. One of the most notable amendments in the new immigration policy is the introduction of the specified skilled worker visa which aims to attract more foreign nationals to work for blue collar jobs. These foreigners need not be college or university graduates to do so.


On the other hand, foreign professionals such as but not limited to scientists, lawyers, engineers and business executives may apply under the highly skilled professional visa. Under the new immigration policy of Japan, additional benefits and perks are extended to these professionals in order to entice them to come and work in Japan.


With the challenges that come with working overseas, a lot of business executives from different countries across the globe may not totally grab the idea of staying and working as a financial manager, chief executive officer or operations manager in Japan.


Nonetheless, some foreigners especially in Asian countries have expressed some interest to work in international firms in Japan wherein the corporate culture and practices are based on global standards and the medium of communication are prevalently in English. What further encourage them to work in Japan are the additional benefits and security provided for foreign business executives.



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