Japanese Companies to Provide Foreign Workers Support Plan

The Land of the Rising Sun seeks to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign workers in a lot of Japanese firms and establishments over the next five years. Known to many countries across the globe, Japan is currently suffering from labor shortage as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and a decline in inward migration.


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In recent years, this social issue relating to workforce setback in Japan is becoming worse especially in fourteen identified sectors that are identified to suffer from chronic labor crunch. These industries include the following: nursing care, building cleaning, material processing industry, industrial machinery manufacturing industry, electric and electronic information related industry, construction, ship building and ship-related industry, automobile maintenance, aviation, lodging, agriculture, fisheries, food and beverages manufacturing industry and food service industry.


To further entice foreign nationals to reside and work in Japan, the new immigration policy also directs domestic companies and establishments to provide a support plan for foreign workers in the country. The said support plan includes a lot of benefits to ensure that the foreign national can successfully integrate not only in the particular industry that they intend to work in but also in the Japanese society in general.


Among the listed benefits to be given out to foreigners under the said plan are secured housing support, education on Japanese lifestyle and administrative procedures, assistance towards mastery of the Japanese language, responding to the sentiments and work related concerns of every foreign worker.


The Japanese Labor Ministry also guarantees assistance in case of termination of foreign workers. Termination may occur when the foreign national has inappropriately or if he or she is identified as illegally employed. However, if the foreigner was constructively dismissed or forced to resign from his or her job while the contract is still in force, the ministry will assist the said foreign national to relocate to a different company so as to enable him or her to continue working in the country.


Reference: Japan’s New Specified Skills Visa in April 2019


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