Japanese Companies to Implement Changes in Work Policies to Accommodate Foreign Workers

With the gradual influx of foreign workers in Japan after the amendment of the country’s immigration policy as a means to address the issue on chronic labor shortage, another matter that Japanese domestic companies have to deal with is the introduction of work place reforms in order to accommodate the special needs and preferences of foreign workers and professionals.


Over the next five years, the Japanese government aspires to welcome more and more foreign workers in Japan so as to tackle with the workforce setback experienced by various firms and establishments in the country particularly the fourteen sectors that are identified to suffer the worst forms of labor problem. These fourteen sectors include nursing or care giving, agriculture, construction as well as food and service industry, among others.


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Thus, it is very important for Japanese domestic corporations and establishments to adjust company policies to make sure that the foreign workers will be able to work efficiently and contribute to the economic growth of the country in general.


One of the first few steps undertaken by Japanese firms and entities is the introduction of understandable language forms when interacting with their clienteles. Since majority of the foreign workers in Japan can understand English as the universal language, Japanese firms have to also include English translations of specific instructions and forms that Japanese workers have to study as part of their duties and responsibilities at the workplace.


In addition, foreign workers would like their companies in Japan to introduce to them a complete manual that explains their work responsibilities. In view of the cultural differences in terms of job ethics and norms, foreign workers in Japan may find it difficult at first to adjust to the expectations of their Japanese employers. Hence, they deem it proper for the Japanese firm to directly provide the standards that they expect the foreign workers to meet in a language that they understand.


Reference: Foreign workers respond to survey about changes they’d like to see in the Japanese workplace


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