Japanese Companies Relaxed Regular Japanese Language Requirement to Entice More Foreign Engineers

Since the Land of the Rising Sun is known worldwide as one of the most technologically advanced countries not only in Asia but across different parts of the globe, there are a lot of international and domestic companies that have invested largely in various software development activities in Japan with a wide range of services available such as but not limited to the creation of software based technologies, artificial intelligence as well as various web or internet based services.


However, amidst the rapid expansion of information and software technology in Japan, the country is dealing with the impacts of chronic labor shortage as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and decrease in inward migration. Basically, there is a rapid decline in the number of people who belong to the working age group in Japan.


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In view of the abovementioned scenario in Japan, the country hopes to attract more and more foreign nationals by opening wider doors of employment opportunities for foreigners who seek to reside and engage in gainful jobs in Japan. As one of the first steps of enticing foreign nationals who will work and live in the country on a permanent basis, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended the previous immigration policies that used to provide stringent requirements on aspiring foreign workers in Japan.


One of the most remarkable changes introduced in the new immigration policy is the introduction of more perks, special privileges and preferential treatment extended to highly skilled foreign professionals such as but not limited to engineers, lawyers, scientists, academic researchers and business executives.


Among the most in demand group of foreign professionals are the software or information technology engineers. However, foreign engineers are hesitant to work in Japan due to the language barrier. To address this issue, a lot of Japanese firms and companies have relaxed their regular Japanese language requirements.


For instance, the well established Japanese establishment, Rakuten recently made English as the company’s official language within its premises. Thus, foreign engineers need not worry about effectively communicating with their colleagues and superiors. They can also easily comprehend and follow through English instructions and company policies.



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