Japanese Cold Ramen to Beat the Summer Heat

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The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most popular dishes. Hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and food enthusiasts across the globe have included Japan among their bucket list of must visit countries not only because of its breathtaking view, unique culture and high end technology but most people also look forward to trying out delicious Japanese food which include sushi, tempura and ramen. These mouth watering dishes offer a one of a kind gastronomic experience to both locals and international tourists, alike.


Among the most iconic specialities in Japan is the ramen which is usually consists of wheat noodles mixed with either meat or fish broth flavoured with miso or soy sauce. The ramen may also be topped with sliced pork, dried seaweed and scallions. It gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also in a universal scale. With its monumental nationwide and international success, there is a wide variety of ramen servings in almost every prefecture in Japan.


Over the years, millions of ramen shops flourished all over the country from local restaurants in the suburbs, ramen street carts to world class specialty shops in Tokyo and other major cities. Ramen has interestingly become a huge part of the Japanese culture. However, during the summer season in Japan, a bowl of hot ramen is not really the most practical food option.

This year, a new and unique kind of ramen is becoming popular in the capital city of Japan particularly in Jimbocho district which is not that far from the busy streets of Akihabara. In order to beat the scorching heat of summer, a special restaurant in the area called Totoko has introduced the concept of cold ramen to the public. There is a broad selection of additional toppings to choose from including sliced chicken, cucumber, edible chrysanthemum blossoms from Yamagata Prefecture, chicken meatballs, fried tempura and green onion, among others. The soy broth utilized in this special noodle soup is low on oil which makes each spoonful refreshingly cool.



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