Japan Undertakes to Shorten Application for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

Considering the chronic labor shortage in Japan as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and a decline in inward migration, the government through its National Date undertakes to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign workers in the country through the amendment of its immigration policies that used to provide stringent requirements for foreigners who aspire to work in the Land of the Rising Sun.


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In order to entice foreign professionals such as but not limited to scientists, engineers, lawyers and business executives to contribute their experience and knowledge in addressing the workforce demand in the country, the new immigration policy which took effect last April of 2019 provides for preferential treatment and additional benefits to foreign nationals who qualify and successfully obtain the Highly Skilled Professional Visa.


With the revision of the immigration policies, foreign professionals with high educational attainment are qualified to apply for permanent residency after just three years of working and staying in Japan. On the contrary, other foreigners with different working visa may only apply for permanent residence after ten years in the country.


Qualified foreign nationals may apply for the Highly Skilled Professional Visa from their country of origin by submitting their application to the nearest consulate. Meanwhile, foreign professionals who are already in Japan may submit their application to the nearest immigration office. All they have to do is to apply for Certificate of Eligibility and Submit a Point Calculation Form.


The step by step process for obtaining the Highly Skilled Professional visa is more or less similar to the process of applying for any work visa to come to Japan or to change one’s status as permanent resident. But, the process is much faster since the new immigration policy guarantees completion of the application process for highly skilled professionals to just ten days.


Reference: Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Visa for Japan: How and Why to Apply


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