Japan tops the Country Brand Index for the second time

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According to various news articles, the latest FutureBrand Country Index for the year 2019 has pegged Japan as number one on the country brand list. The survey was conducted by FutureBrand, a British brand consultancy firm based in London, United Kingdom. Being one of the world’s leading authorities in branding strategy and management, FutureBrand offers various services which include among others consultation and research on every aspect of a brand experience.


Based on the 2019 Index of FutureBrand, Japan remained to be the reigning number one through the aid of its three major pillars namely: (1) ideal quality of life; (2) various improvements in tourism; and (3) a strong and thriving business environment. Japan likewise topped the previous country brand list which was published about five years ago in 2014.


Authors of various reports stated that among the main reasons for Japan securing the top spot include the positive associations with Japanese brands and the country’s rich culture, natural beauty, and heritage which were all instrumental in further boosting the nation’s tourism aspect.


Japan’s well-deserved high reputations are direct results of the country’s work ethic and its focus on discipline and quality. With a keen eye for details, Japan is able to produce reliable products with nearly unmatched standards as well as provide impeccable services to its market further increasing its total brand valuation.


Adding to the point system of the FutureBrand Country Index is the nation’s rich culture which include washoku – Japan’s way of preparing meals that makes use of natural ingredients and maximizes their natural flavor without relying on artificial components – as well as its unique heritage due to the country’s historical monuments such as the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Experts from FutureBrand state that “Japan’s more popular consumer brands seem to be capitalizing on the country’s unique heritage and culture, rather than its history of technology innovation.”



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