Japan to U.S.: It’s gonna be a bad, big deal

POTUS Donald Trump suggested that Japan would be in serious trouble if it failed to agree with the United States on tariffs and trades.


Trump has been heard saying that if America doesn’t make a deal with Japan, and vice versa, then Japan’s gonna have a big problem. This is effectively pressuring Japan to take measures to cut the U.S. deficit as part of efforts to achieve a fair trade.


The Donald told journalists that Japan has already contacted him and are about to strike a deal while he and his entourage and guests were aboard Air Force One while traveling to North Dakota.


Photo credit to: https://freeamericanetwork.com


He said the only reason he didn’t pressure Japan too far was because Abe’s administration has it’s hands full with China’s current trade practices – one where you need to surrender your technology to sell in China; effectively making China as good as you.


Trump’s administration pushed Japan to start negotiations for free trade and equally, Japan has repeatedly requested America to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is an 11-state-member group.


The Trump administration has imposed a total of $50 billion duty on all Chinese goods. However, Beijing has returned the favor with equal value tariffs on American goods. If one does the math, the additional $200 billion worth of Chinese products, the United States would tax half of the goods it imports from China.


Trump says that his administration has added another $200 billion and that there’s another $267 billion ready to go. This threat will most certainly change the balance of power and challenge China on supremacy and it’s current trade practices.


Trump demanded to China that it improve it’s market access and intellectual property rights for American companies stationed there and remove industrial subsidies. He also demands China to cut its massive trade surplus with the United States.


Reference: Japan “knows it’s a big deal” if no trade deal struck with U.S.: Trump


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