Japan to Provide Adequate Support System for Overseas Workers Under the New Visa System

With the enactment of the Revised Immigration Laws in Japan last April 2019, the Japanese government is set to welcome more than three thousand overseas workers in the country this year. In view of the upcoming surge of foreign nationals seeking for employment opportunities in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Immigration Services Agency seeks to establish a public certification system intended for committed supporters of foreign workers.


Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

To begin with, the Immigration Services Agency of Japan is tasked with the role of giving support to foreign immigrants and residence ever since the new law relaxing the immigration rules for foreigners with designated skills was implemented. In fact, a number of foreigners who are interested to work in Japan have been allowed to start working under a provisional status while processing for their application.


Immigration Services Commissioner Shoko Sasaki stated that “Foreigners with the designated skills are expected to increase steadily.” She confirmed that as of August 16, 2019, there are more than one thousand three hundred pending applications in their office submitted by interested foreign nationals for change of visa and for residency status certification. In addition, more than two thousand applicants have passed certain industry specific tests for new status.


On the other hand, she clarified that opportunities for overseas workers are not only limited in urban cities because technical trainings are offered all over Japan and applications are accepted nationwide.


According to Commissioner Sasaki, “We took care to create a system in which foreign workers have someone to turn to. It would be great if there is a dedicated profession to support foreigners as infrastructure of a society where foreigners will continue to increase.”


In this regard, commercial establishments and even dedicated individuals may register as support organizations for foreign people based on the expanded visa system. They are tasked to secure suitable jobs and sufficient support to foreigners who aspire to work in Japan under the new visa status particularly those workers who have low skills.


Reference: 3,000 people to work in Japan under expanded visa system


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