Japan Shows Overwhelming Support for Brave Blossoms in the Rugby World Cup

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Ever since the commencement of the much anticipated 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan last September 20, hundreds of thousands of Japanese and foreign sports enthusiasts and rugby fanatics have joined the hype. The tremendous popularity of the rugby games in the Land of the Rising Sun has a positive impact in its economy and inbound tourism.


In view of the increasing fame of the rugby games in Japan and the great surge of tourists in the country, a number of business establishments, restaurants and stores are taking advantage of the situation by selling replica shirts, merchandises and even rugby inspired food items. During the course of the international Rugby World Cup, majority of the TV stations in Japan have been broadcasting the exciting games.


The media coverage of the rugby games has gained tremendous popularity not only Tokyo but across the different cities and prefectures in Japan. Recently, the Japanese television viewers and rugby fanatics are very much excited to witness the most remarkable quarter final match between Japan and South Africa.


Japan’s official nickname was originally coined as “The scrum of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), a precision machine.” At present, Japan’s national union rugby team came to be known as the “Brave Blossoms” The Japanese rugby team is known for its agility and scrummaging technique.

Former rugby national player, Kensuke Iwabuchi remarked that the keys to a successful rugby team are “discipline and patience”. In addition, Iwabuchi also considered home advantage as one of the many factors that contributed to the success of Japan’s rugby union team, Brave Blossom. According to him, “The cheers from the crowd has been a big supporting force. In the match  against Scotland, it was as if the 15 were not fighting against 15 but 70,015.”


Tickets to every rugby game in Japan are almost always sold out. In some matches, online rugby fans even asked for spare tickets in order for them to personally witness the games.


Reference: Land of the rising scrum: Rugby World Cup fever sweeps Japan


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