Japan Seeks to Maximize Acceptance of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals in 2022

Known to many countries across the globe, the Land of the Rising Sun is currently experiencing a workforce setback as a consequence of its aging population, low birth rate and a decline in inward migration. In this regard, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended its immigration policy so as to encourage more foreign nationals to work and reside in Japan.


At present, the Japanese government is proactive in undertaking measures to entice foreigners to come to their country especially those falling under the categories of specified skilled workers and highly skilled professionals so as to address the chronic labor shortage in Japan.


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In addition, the government also seeks to improve work productivity, efficiency and innovative ideas in various sectors and industries through the valuable contribution of highly experienced and outstanding foreign professionals.


Thus, Japan aspires to welcome around twenty thousand highly skilled foreign professionals to work in major domestic companies by the end of the year 2022. According to a survey conducted by the government, the number of foreign professionals has reached about ten thousand five hundred in the year 2017 and increased to more than fifteen thousand three hundred in 2018. This only goes to show that the influx of skilled and professional foreign workers in the country is increasing rapidly.


Based on the said report, more than seventy seven percent of foreign professionals in Japan have high educational attainment. Most of them finished their course from graduate school. Around sixty four percent majored in natural sciences.


Meanwhile, workers who fall under the category of Engineers, Humanities and International Services visa make up seventy five percent of foreign professionals in the country. It is also noted that the average annual salary of qualified professionals who obtain the Highly Skilled Professional Visa is about seven million five hundred thousand yen a year.


Reference: Over 15,000 highly skilled foreign professionals in Japan: two-thirds of them Chinese


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