Japan Needs More Foreign Workers in the Field of Auto Maintenance and Production

The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is currently saturated with a lot of international companies and firms that cater to software development and information technology areas. However, amidst the increasing demand of software engineers in the Land of the Rising Sun, the country is experiencing a workforce setback and a worsening labor due to its aging population, low birth rate and vast decline in inward migration.


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In view of these social issues, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended the immigration policies in the country that used to provide for stringent requirements for on foreign nationals who aspire to land a job in the country.


In order to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreigners workers particularly in fourteen sectors that are identified to suffer the worst labor problems, the Japanese government introduced the “Specified Skilled Worker” visa.


Among the fourteen particular sectors that are said to suffer the most serious workforce issues are nursing or care giving, agriculture, construction, food and service industry as well as automobile maintenance. A lot of domestic car companies are actually based in Japan. These vehicles are known for their excellent quality across different parts of the globe.


Many countries abroad prefer to purchase Japanese made cars because of their high quality parts and advanced features. In order to keep this market going, it is very important to have a good supply of labor force such as mechanics and auto repair men.


Due to the decreasing number of people in the working age population in Japan, a lot of these car companies are looking forward to hiring foreign mechanics to be able to produce more world class vehicles to be distributed to different countries not only in Asia but all over the globe.



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