Japan National Tourism Organization Promotes Exciting Deals and Special Perks for Foreigners during the Olympic Games

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Despite issues pertaining to the cancellation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games, the organizing committee of the Olympics as well as the Japanese government reassured the public that the multi-national sports event will push through as originally planned.


In fact, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists and sports enthusiasts across the globe are looking forward to watch and participate in the much anticipated sports events. In order to further enhance the experience of these excited spectators and participants, the Japan National Tourism Organization or the JNTO has been promoting the tourism campaign with the slogan “Your Japan 2020”.


The said tourism campaign will be consist of one of a kind deals that are made available for foreign visitors who will come to visit Japan during the course of the Olympic and Paralympic games which will be held this summer of 2020. The campaign is intended to add further merriment and exciting features that local and foreign Olympics fan will surely enjoy.


Various fun and exciting activities are in line for international tourists such as but not limited to public openings, exclusive events, discounts and special deal for both domestic and international travels as well as huge sale by stores all over Tokyo.


According to the executive director of Japan National Tourism Organization Yoko Tanaka, “In addition to world-class sporting events taking place in 2020, Japan as a destination provides such diversity across all areas of the country for visitors to truly enjoy. We anticipate that this along with the added benefit of some unique experiences on offer this year will attract many more travellers of all segments from this region.”


In addition to the above mentioned activities and promos, Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA), the two largest airline companies in Japan will be introducing additional perks and deals to be availed of by foreign globetrotters.


Reference: JAL and ANA offer free tickets and special deals as part of 2020 campaign


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