Japan Joins the Bubble Tea Craze

Bubble Tea which originated in Taiwan has grown to become one of the most popular drinks across the globe. It is also gaining tremendous popularity in Japan this year. The Japanese were already fond of milk tea over a decade ago, but drinking it with tapioca has made the beverage even more appealing nowadays to both young and adult consumers. With this ongoing bubble tea craze, numerous tapioca tea shops proliferated in Japan particularly in its capital city, Tokyo.


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Japanese netizens and mainstream media have regarded this trend as a nationwide “tapioca boom”. While bubble tea comes in a variety of flavourful options, the Japanese crowd are inclined to choose the sweetened version with milk tea. They are amused by its colorful features, delicious-looking toppings and yummy add-ons that can be clearly seen inside its plastic containers.


Both locals and foreign tourists may want to explore the different bubble tea shops in Japan to satisfy their milk tea cravings while travelling around the country.


Among the most popular shops with seven branches in Tokyo metropolitan area is the Chun Shui Tang. This tapioca shop was first established in Taiwan way back in the 80’s. Chun Shui Tang also serves Taiwanese dishes in their menu but its bubble tea is the most sought after. The store offers a unique combination of milk tea, jasmine milk tea and a special soy milk green tea. They also have seasonal variants which mixes fresh fruits and any other trendy flavor.


Another popular bubble tea shop in Tokyo is called Cha-Do which is known for its simplicity and sweetness. It serves basic but delectable bubble tea version to customers. This shop may be found in Koiwa and Koenji station.


Most of the famous milk tea shops are concentrated in Koiwa district located at the east of Tokyo. This includes Toki Seven Tea, Golden Ration and the milk tea chain Chatime. Despite the abundance of milk tea shops in Japan, Gong Cha is the crowd favourite among Japanese customers especially among teenagers with consistent good remarks from magazines and online reviews in Japan.



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