Japan is Set to take part in US Space Exploration Program

Previously, the United States announced the launching of a program that is set to land astronauts on the moon by the year 2024. In this regard, the Japanese space policy committee in the Cabinet Office decided to participate in the said program.


The said decision will be relayed by the Japanese government to Washington in the latter part of 2019, where more than a thousand aerospace related companies are located. Washing State basically has a major role in space exploration for over fifty years.


Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

One of Japan’s role in the said space exploration program is to provide technical support for the construction and completion of an orbital outpost which will be utilized by the astronauts as their main base during the course of the Artemis lunar exploration program.


However, the Japanese National Committee on Space Exploration did not specifically state whether or not they will participate in the establishment of the program’s Gateway which will serve as a base housing living quarters for participants with laboratories as well as docking ports for moon exploration, considering that such project may be too costly.


In a news interview, Yoshiyuki Kasai, chairman of the Committee on space exploration which is composed of seven members, said that “We will express our intention at an early stage so we can strengthen our relationship of trust with the United States and by this, we expect Japanese astronauts will be able to take part in travel to the moon,”


The Land of the Rising Sun will be providing modern devices and high end gadgets which will serve as life support system for astronauts, air conditioning facilities and batteries, among other things.


Gateway’s construction is tentatively scheduled to commence by the year 2020 and is set to finish in 2026 although the United States will start sending astronauts to the moon in 2024. If Japan will continue its participation in this space exploration program, the county will send supplies to the gateway through its modern cargo transporter, HTV-X.


Reference: Japan to participate in U.S. lunar exploration program


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