Japan Holds New Internet Speed World Record – 319 terabits per second!

japan internet speed

At the time this was written, my current download internet speed in the Philippines is 43.98 by PLDT Fiber plan. But lo and behold, Japan holds a record-breaking speed of 319 terabits per second! 


Recently, Japan announced that they were able to break their previous world record of internet speed. What is more amazing is that they did not just surpass it but they actually almost doubled it!


The previous world record is at 178Tb/s. This was done by a group of UK and Japanese engineers in 2020. Now, the current world record set by a group of engineers from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) is at 319 terabits per second (TB/s).


The NICT researchers used optical fibers and small tubes. This uses light for high-speed data transfer.


How fast is it?

One terabyte (TB) contains 1,000 gigabytes (GB). A 1 GBPS internet connection is 10 times faster than Mbps connectivity and equal to at least 1,000 Mbps. 


With this speed, forget about lags! You can download an entire season of your favorite show on Netflix in one go per second. How unbelievable is that?


According to a 2020 report, South Korea holds the fastest mobile broadband speed in the world at 100 mbps. In the same report, it stated that Singapore holds the fastest fixed-line broadband speed at 2015 mbps. Forget the internet speed in the Philippines


The researchers are hoping that they can use this innovation to improve data transmission all over the world. 

Reference: https://www.wionews.com/technology/with-319-terabytes-per-second-japan-sets-new-world-record-for-internet-speed-what-does-this-mean-399033


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