Japan Goodies Fans, Don Quijote Now Delivers to PH!

Don Quijote Online Shopping

If you’ve been to Japan, I’m sure you visited Don Quijote! We can’t deny that we also splurged on a lot of cute and affordable stuff offered in-store. Since the pandemic, a lot of flights going to Japan were canceled and so our most awaited Japan trips were also affected. Don’t you fret, you won’t miss Japan anymore since Don Quijote just announced last March 2021 that they are now shipping to the Philippines.

So, what is Don Quijote?  

Don Quijote is Japan’s largest discount store. The store provides everything, from household goods to brand name products, as well as exciting and thrilling experiences! The group operates more than 630 stores around the world, serving customers both internationally, and domestically in Japan.

Top 9 reasons Don Quijote is a crowd favorite

It’s undeniable that Don Quijote is a major crowd favorite not just in Japan but also across the globe. Here are the top reasons why it is considered as such.

  1. Has an overwhelming array of products
  2. Provides the products that customers want, at reasonable prices
  3. Allows customers to enjoy a sense of thrill and excitement!
  4. Late-night business hours all year round
  5. All stores provide duty-free sales
  6. Has an original brand, “Jonetz (Jonetsu Kakaku)
  7. Over 630 stores worldwide
  8. Shopping available anywhere across the world through their E-Commerce site
  9. Commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESGs) Initiatives.

How to order goods from Japan

  1. Register an online account on their e-commerce site and choose Philippines as country


  1. Search for products and check out your cart.
  2. Pay and wait for your items to be shipped!

Enjoy shopping!


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