Japan Expects a Surge in Spectators for the 2020 Olympic Games

As early as September 2013, the capital city of Tokyo in Japan has been looking forward to host the 2020 Summer Olympics when it won in their bid to organize the next international multi-sports occasion. Since then, hundreds of thousands of tourists and sports enthusiasts from different parts of the globe have expressed their excitement to come to Japan in order to personally witness not only the electrifying Olympic games but also the interesting events prepared for by the organizers to add more anticipation on the part of the spectators.


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Year in and year out, the Land of the Rising Sun already welcomes millions of globetrotters who visit the country to go sightseeing, experience its unique culture and wide selection of iconic cuisines. But, in the year 2020, particularly during the months of July and August, Japan is expecting an increase in the number of international tourists who will be taking part in the Summer Olympics. The Japanese government have already undertaken measures to prepare for this huge influx of tourists in their country.


The Tokyo Summer Olympics organizers revealed that more than six million people had already registered to witness the international sports event as of early May 2019. A ticket sales website running the lottery during the period of May 9 to May 28 provides an avenue for people to register and choose the sports events that they want to witness in person. The website features special information regarding the Olympic sports, venues and dates. In view of the high volume of people who visited the website, the organizers agreed to extend the sales in Japan for another twelve hours.


At the close of the extended period, the organizers announced that a total of 7.5 million Japanese residents have registered for the official IDs which are necessary to apply for the tickets. Further, it was reportedly said that the ticketing website was accessed more than 24 million times during period of application.


For international tourists who are based outside Japan, they will also be given the opportunity to purchase the tickets through authorized ticket resellers in their respective countries starting June 15, 2019.



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