Japan Entices More Foreign Cleaners with Less Stringent Visa Requirements

The Land of the Rising Sun is highly regarded across the globe for its modern architectural structures and high rising buildings that makes use of limited space for several purposes. Moreover, the country is commended for its distinctive and one of a kind accommodation that caters to the special interests of both local and foreign tourists in Japan.


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With the influx of travel enthusiasts and globetrotters from different international countries, Japan has become the fastest growing travel destinations not only in Asia but also on a universal scale. This prompted a lot of Japanese accommodation to level up their services at the most reasonable price so as to compete in the market. They came up with the capsule hotel, bed and book cafes as well as themed hotels that tourists would definitely appreciate.


However, despite the upward trend in its buildings and various forms of accommodation, Japan falls short of the necessary human resources to continuously meet the quality standards of building cleaning maintenance of the premises. Known by many countries all over the world, Japan is currently dealing with the effects of chronic labor shortage as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and vast decline in inward migration.


In this regard, the Japanese government through its National Legislature enacted the New Immigration Control Act which amends the previous immigration policies that used to provide for stringent requirements on foreign nationals who aspire to work and reside in Japan. Among the most notable changes introduced in the revised immigration law is the new visa category known as “Specified Skilled Worker” visa. This visa type is intended to address the workforce needs of fourteen specific industries that are identified to suffer the most serious forms of labor problems in Japan.


Among these fourteen sectors is the Building Cleaning Maintenance Category. The Specified Skilled Worker visa may be availed of by foreign nationals who have considerable experience and skills in relation to building cleaning and maintenance. They need not have high educational attainment nor possess a college or university graduate as long as they pass the Specified Skills Evaluation Test and have conversational Japanese language skills. Moreover, the skills evaluation test is relatively easier compared to other industries.


Reference: Specified Skilled Visa


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