Japan Drops 3 Places to Gender Equality Rankings

Japan is at the 114th spot for this year’s World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings. It went down from 111th last 2016 and is considered as the worst standing among the world’s major economies under the Group of Seven.


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According to the Geneva-based think tank, Japan’s fallen ranking was due to the decline in its political empowerment of women in the country.


The WEF survey, which covers 144 countries, measures gender equality in terms of women’s participation rates and gender gaps in education and health, economy, and politics.


On a good note, Japan improved its rating in educational attainment as more women are now enrolled in higher education. In the realm of economics and women’s opportunity, it also rose from 118th to 114th implying of a narrower income gap.


However, the country fell 20 slots from 103rd to 123rd in political empowerment due to the low proportions of Cabinet ministers and female lawmakers.


Iceland remains at the top of the list for nine straight years followed by Norway and Finland. Rwanda is next thanks to a rise in women’s economic participation in their country.


Women have made significant progress in education and health equality, with the Nordic countries still leading the ranks. However the global trend seems to have a U-turn. A year ago, WEF said that it would probably take 83 years to close the gender gap but since women’s participation in the three fields have plateaued, it now suggests that it may take 100 years to come full circle.


Reference: Japan drops by three to 114th in gender equality rankings by World Economic Forum


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