Japan Continues to Revoke Residency Status of Foreigners who Violate Immigration Laws

Last year, records revealed that the residency status of around eight hundred thirty two foreign immigrants in Japan were revoked due to violation and non-compliance with the Japanese government’s stringent immigration rules.


According to the Immigration Services Agency, approximately seventy percent of those who lost their residency status were students or technical trainees who failed to follow the requirements to maintain their legal status in the country.


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Meanwhile, there were eighty reported cases of spouses or children of Japanese nationals whose family member visas were disallowed. This includes those who received the visa through fake marriages. Nearly fifty percent of foreigners whose residency status were revoked are Vietnamese followed by 152 Chinese citizens, 62 Nepalese and 43 Filipinos.


While it is true that with the enactment of the Revised Immigration Laws last April 2019, the Japanese government aspires to open widers doors of opportunities for overseas workers who seek to land a job in various commercial sectors in the country, they cannot just turn a blind a eye to foreigners who violate the long-standing immigration rules of Japan.


Despite the passage of the legislative measure that relaxes the visa requirements of foreign workers with designated skills, the government is still determined to investigate foreign students and technical trainees who illegally venture on activities outside the scope indicated in their visa. For instance, the Justice Ministry international students who dropped out of school but stayed in the country in order to work were.


There were also reported cases of overseas workers who were able to secure their residency status through a government sponsored technical training program but they indefinitely left from their official workplace to pursue a job with another firm or business establishment with a higher pay.


The investigation conducted by the Justice Ministry and the Immigration Services Agency do not only cover illegal foreign immigrations in Japan such as the international students and technical trainees but also extends to schools and educational institutions that allow these students to enroll despite knowledge of their employment.


Reference: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018


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