Japan, China leaders to visit each other

Japan and China agreed to resume visits by their respective leaders, underscoring that Asia’s two largest economies are finally willing to ease tensions this year year from the signing of a bilateral friendship treaty 40 years ago.


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The two and a half hours of talks on Sunday between the Japanese and Chinese Foreign Ministers confirmed the importance of mutual visits by their leaders as part of a push to improve Chinese-Japanese relations.


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping have yet to make official visits to their respective countries. This has been delayed partially on the dispute over the Senkaku Islands. The tiny islets are administered by Tokyo, but also claimed by China and Taipei, which calls them Diaoyu and Tiaoyutai respectively.


North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program were also on the agenda at the meeting, with both Tokyo and Beijing agreeing to continue working together toward denuclearizing the North Koreans.


Tokyo has urged Beijing to exercise its influence over Pyongyang and play a big role in forcing NoKor to change its policy.


Japan and China’s Foreign Ministers have agreed to make efforts for the early implementation of a Maritime and Aerial Communication Mechanism in the East China Sea.


Tokyo and Beijing have been in a territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands for over a decade. The dispute hit it’s peak after the Japanese government, led by then-Prime Minister Yoshiko Noda, Abe’s predecessor, decided to put the islands under state control in September 2012.


These have cause intense tensions between the two countries ever since and is still an on-going issue with China claiming islands everywhere in the South China Sea. Many countries have also stated that China’s claims are unrequited and biased and that China is using it’s new military power to “bully” the other countries.


Reference: Japan and China agree to have their leaders resume reciprocal visits


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