Japan begins restoration amid ‘extreme severity’ status

Japan plans to designate the storm that devastated and destroyed the western coast of Japan as an extreme severity. This is classified as about 200 people were killed and several hundred more injured or missing. Subsidies are also expected to enter after the designation.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the torrential rain will be designated an extremely severe disaster after having a meeting with the disaster relief department.


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The government will hasten the Cabinet’s decision to designate the storm. At the same time, a full view of the damage the rain has caused will be obtained. The storm was a catalyst for floods and landslides.


Under normal circumstances, designating a storm would take months. However, due to the severe damage, the government is now permitted to divulge the expectations for designations as early as a week. This, after damage assessment teams have begun..


Abe wanted to visit Hiroshima Prefecture as it was one of the prefectures that were severely hit if not most severely. However, he cancelled on the last minute because pain in either his knee or hip. He said that the disaster management minister would go in his stead.


The three-day Marine Day weekend began on Friday and volunteers from all over the world and the country congregated to the afflicted parts of the country to help with the cleanup regardless of the heat bearing down upon them all.



Restorative work on infrastructure made little progress but progress nonetheless. A popular train expressway reopened and restarted full operations on Saturday in nine days. The section between the Hiroshima and Kochi lines are now available for use by both civilian and military vehicles.


The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry claims that the number of households without water had been reduced to 193,000 from 260,000 at Saturday’s midday. This was thanks to restoration work in Kure and Etajima in Hiroshima.


Reference: West Japan rains to be designated ‘extremely severe disaster’ to increase state aid subsidies


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