Japan Arts Council to Promote Kabuki Shows during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Less than a year before the official opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts across Japan and all over the world are looking forward to witness the momentous multi-national event. In this regard, the Japanese government is working on measures to be implemented in order to ensure public safety as well as the smooth flow of the Olympic game.


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One of the groups that aim to contribute in the promotion of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics is Japan’s National Theatre. They seek to augment the number of audience during the sports event by accommodating foreign guests of traditional kabuki performances through the use of in-show commentary and subtitles in the English language.


Japan already foresees a great surge in the number of international spectators during the course of the Olympic games. With this, the country’s National Theatre aspires to welcome athletes and spectators by performing kabuki and other traditional Japanese art forms not only to boost the Olympic games but also to promote their unique culture, arts and tradition.


Among the foreigners who were given the chance to witness the live kabuki performance in advance was Lorrin Lockwook who is currently studying at Northern Kentucky University in the United States. After watching the kabuki play, he noted that “it was interesting to watch and I believe the show was understandable for foreigners.”


This has been the goal of Japan Arts Council for several years now. The said council has been holding multilingual performances showcasing the beauty of Japanese traditional performing arts to foreign tourists and international sojourners in the country.


Next year, Japan Arts Council, in cooperation with both the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic games and local government will be conducting even bigger performances to entertain foreign visitors and sports enthusiasts. These shows will feature Japan’s traditional dance and music which will be performed by leading artists in Japan.


Reference: Kabuki looks to Olympics to broaden its audience


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