Japan arrests 341 illegals

Japanese authorities arrested 341 foreign nationals working illegally in the police crackdown targeting illegal immigrants working in areas in and around the Tokyo and Nagoya districts. It is an effort aimed at curbing Japan’s refugee system.


The Japanese Ministry of Justice announced that the foreign nationals detained in the crackdown conducted, 94 men and women were waiting for the government’s decision on whether or not to grant them refugee status. Others included overstay visas and people engaged in illegal activities other than what their visa shows.


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Of the 341 arrested, 218 worked illegally in and around Tokyo. Authorities have confirmed that the highest number of illegal workers, about 102, were found in the Ibaraki Prefecture. Another 95 were caught in Aichi Prefecture. A large number of the illegals worked in food processing, agriculture and construction.


Immigration bureaus in Tokyo and Nagoya in particular have been flooded with numerous applications for refugee status in recent years, 73 percent of asylum seekers in 2016 filed applications with Tokyo’s Immigration Bureau; Nagoya handled around 24 percent of the total applications that year.


Vietnam represented the largest group of foreign nationals detained in November 2017, at 108, followed by Thailand with 68 illegals and China with 54 and finally Filipinos with 46.


According to the authorities, the number of foreign nationals who applied for refugee status last year reached a record high of 19,628. In the course of one year, only 20 people were given refugee status. 9,730 applications were rejected and the rest were put on hold or being considered.


Asylum seekers are people who entered Japan with either a student visa or through the Technical Intern Training Program. The program, which is a system created in response to labor shortages for low-level jobs, allows foreign nationals to enter and apply or re-apply for refugee status after their visas expired.


This has become an unacceptable abuse of visa entrants disguising the real purpose for entering the country.


Reference: Japan rounds up 341 in first crackdown on asylum seekers working illegally


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