Japan and North Korea: No Talks

North Korea has held summits with its neighbours South Korea and China this year as well as the United States. Kim Jong Un has shown no signs of meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe.


Kim Jong Un says he has no interest in talking with Japan. North Korea has constantly chastised its longstanding enemy in trying to create tensions with old sentiments and make many attempts to destroy it’s current relations with South Korea.


photo credit to: https://japantoday.com


Japan-North Korean relations are expected to degrade much more than previously, Tokyo was told that it should not hope that a Japan-NoKor summit will be held in the future. This is what North Korean media has stated.


Las Friday night, Foreign Minister of Japan, Taro Kono, had some discussions with his North Korean counterpart on whether it would be possible to have talks in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Singapore.


It was the first contact between the two nations since Japan started to investigate a Japan-NoKor Summit after the successful U.S.-North Korea summit last June in Singapore.


Reporters have been told that Japan’s views and basic stances were clear but he refused to reveal any other details of the meeting. This suggests their discussions may not have gone as initially planned.


Nevertheless, Abe wants to talk with Kim on an international conference in September. The Foreign Minister was urged by Abe’s office to make contact with the North in Singapore.


 While North Korea is enhancing it’s relations with South Korea and the USA, they have increased disapproval of Abe’s governing of Japan. Japan must redeem itself for its past military occupation and colonial rule on the Korean Peninsula.


Another reason why they’ve been criticized is that after the summit between Kim and Trump, Japan argued that sanctions against North Korea must be strengthened until the North upholds its promise of total denuclearization.


Reference: Japan, N. Korea show no signs of holding Abe-Kim summit soon


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