Japan and NoKor change economic policy

Japan is now reconfiguring its economic policies to North Korea. The policy allows talks on economic aid to resolve the issue of past abduction cases of Japanese citizens perpetrated by North Korean spies and commandoes.


North Korea maintains that it’s issue with the abductees was settled but Japan maintains that it will not maintain diplomatic relations with the North and extend economic assistance unless the issue is resolved.


The policy faces extreme opposition in Japan. The policy focuses on creating mutual bonds before opening the way for resolving the abduction issue.


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Since being re-elected back in 2012, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered the abductee issue be a high priority. Recently, he has expressed his hopes to draw attention with North Korea in dialogue.


Japan is hoping that North Korea will allow them to approach and Japan is currently deciding how to approach them. The talks between Japan and North Korea will play a big part in both nation’s futures.


Japan is hoping for the best between both countries and that comes after the United States and North Korea appear to have had a very successful meeting earlier this year.


Several sources claim that one of the participants in the meeting argued over whether Japan needs to better it’s ties with the North Koreans through diplomatic talks on economic cooperation. Also, talks on building a better infrastructure and natural resource development are seen as potential areas where both countries can cooperate.


However, opponents claim that such an approach would allow the rest of the Japanese people that ability to question Abe’s government for promising to put the abductees as his highest priority.


Although, some have argued that by building better economic and diplomatic ties with the North Koreans, Abe’s government can easily create a better plan to approach North Korea on the abductee issues.


Reference: Japan eyes economic aid to North Korea in policy overhaul


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