Isis is Sisi

No, really. On Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minster Haider Al-Abadi claimed victory over Daesh in is country. After a bloody 3-year war with the brutal Islamic Insurgency and Extremist group, it seems that all is going to be well.


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He has been quoted saying; “Our forces are in complete control of the Iraqi-Syrian border and I therefore announce the end of the war against Daesh (IS), our enemy wanted to kill our civilization, but we have won through our unity and our determination. We have triumphed in little time,” in a conference in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad.


When ISIS declared a caliphate in June of 2014, the whole world took notice and even minority groups were called by their respective leaders to mobilize and prepare for war.


In 2014, ISIS ruled 7 million people and had territory as big as Italy as well as taking almost half of Syria and about one third of Iraq. They ruled with an iron fist and had no mercy for people who thought and said differently. Once they found out you were secretly against them, you could find yourself staring in front of a camera about to have your head cut off and have it displayed in the center of the city.


This brutality led to people fighting back as ISIS is only tough when being brutal to an unarmed population. In 2015, when Russia joined the fight, ISIS became exposed. Not only were they considered weak but somewhat unorganized and showed that they were completely coward-like when face against formidable odds and against an armed opponent.


In Syria, US-backed Kurdish-led troops are conducting operations against the Jihadist group in the countryside and appear to be winning most of the battles. Forces have gained a 270 mile long (435 kms) of border line which was once held by ISIS.


However, ISIS has been known to regroup and retaliate the instant anyone slows down or stops attacking them. Some US Marine units noticed the ferocity with which they retaliate; some strong enough for the Marines to call in airstrikes and heavy artillery.


Will this milestone victory last? I certainly hope so.


Just keep plastering them without mercy and they’ll soon be forgotten.


Reference: End of war against IS’ declared in Iraq


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