International Survey Reveals that Teachers in Japan Work the Longest Hours

With the fast-paced lifestyle in the Land of the Rising Sun, employees in the country are widely regarded as one of the most workaholic professionals across the globe. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reveals that teachers who are currently employed in educational institutions in Japan have the longest average working hours among the forty eight participating countries.


The “2018 Teaching and Learning International Survey” was facilitated by the Paris-based Organization from February to March last year by sending out questionnaires to over three thousand five hundred junior high school educators, more than three thousand three hundred elementary school teachers and about four hundred principals.


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Based on the results of the international survey, junior high school teachers in Japan rendered an average of fifty six hours of work per week as compared to other respondents from various schools abroad who expressed that the average number of hours they devote to their work every week is only a litte more than thirty eight.


The Japanese Ministry of Education noted that junior high school teachers in their country spend about seven and a half hours per week on the extracurricular club activities of their students as compared with the total average of 1.9 hours a week. Meanwhile, they spend around 5.6 hours doing administrative work as compared with the average of 2.7 hours. On the other hand, gradeschoool teachers in Japan-based educational institutions also allocate longer hours of work than their counterparts abroad for planning, preparation of lesson plans and completion of paperworks.


In order to address this concern, the Education Ministry of Japan has decided to implement a limitation on the overtime work of teachers at forty five hours per month or three hundred sixty hours a year. Furthermore, the ministry released a manual or guideline to the different academic institutions in the country in order to promote deeper learning through an interactive approach among students. These activities are likewise designed to encourage time management on the part of the teachers.


Reference: Average working hours of teachers in Japan longest in OECD survey


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