International Journalists on the Rugby Games Impressed by Japanese Hospitality

The exciting sports events during the Rugby World Cup held in twelve different venues and stadiums across the Land of the Rising Sun had final come to an end last November 2, 2019. It brought so much anticipation and excitement to hundreds of thousands of rugby fanatics and sports enthusiasts across Japan and all over the world.


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As the Rugby World Cup games culminated on its forty fourth day, the South African team grabbed the Web Ellis Cup following its successful win against England during the rugby tournament held at Yokohama prefecture. After the games were finally over, international members of the press were also relieved of their media coverage in Japan.


There were foreign sports reporters who stayed during the entire course of the Rugby World Cup. These media men and women did not only enjoy covering the rugby games as well as events related to the tournament, but they were also enthralled with the awe inspiring tourist attractions in the country.


These international media personalities experienced and appreciated the unique culture and traditions of Japan, tried out iconic Japanese dishes and were in awe of the various technological advancements in the country.


Majority of these international journalists are very much impressed by the kind gestures and hospitality of the Japanese both within and outside the premises of the rugby stadiums.


For instance, Catrin Jones, a BBC reporter from Wales who stayed in Japan for a total of seven weeks for the duration of the entire Rugby World Cup admitted that her departure from the country would be bittersweet. According to Ms. Jones “Japan’s amazing, isn’t it. People are so lovely, so welcoming and so polite.”


Another journalist from Brazil, Guiliano Passino said that “Everywhere I’ve walked around, I see rugby poster signs,” said the 41-year-old, who arrived in Japan a week before the World Cup opener on Sept. 20. “So 47 days I’ve been in Japan, I’ve seen rugby everywhere. That’s amazing. (It is different) from England (at the 2015 World Cup), to be honest.”


Reference: Media members hand Japan positive grades as RWC host


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