Information leaks to be resolved through regulations of Technological Researches

Japan is considered to be one of the leading countries when it comes to technological advancements. Due to the proliferation of information leaks worldwide, the Japanese government incorporated specific policies in their foreign exchange and trade law with regard to the divulgence of sensitive technologies and products to non-Japanese firms.


However, this existing law only pertains to state organizations and domestic corporations. It does not extend its coverage to universities that collaborate with foreign firms in conducting innovative researches. In order to prevent the leakage of vital technical information specifically from these universities, the government of Japan [on around March of 2019] sought to establish guidelines that would require educational and research institutions to develop and submit procedural regulations specifically on joint projects which involve foreign groups.


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With the influx of modern technological discoveries, the Japanese government adopted a “comprehensive innovation strategy” in 2018 that was aimed to further promote university research on artificial intellligence, biotechnology and other technical projects. In adopting this new strategy, the Cabinet of Japan planned to also increase the budget allocated for private investments in universities and other research institutions from the fiscal year 2014 until 2025.


Despite the government’s full support on modern technological researches to be carried out by Japanese universities in coordination with foreign entities, the country remains skeptical about the possibility of information leakage. Consequently, the Japanese government has become more mindful in safeguarding new technologies especially after taking into account the growing interest of China and the United States in artificial intelligence for military purposes. This prompted the legislative body of Japan to pass guidelines that would monitor joint projects with foreign corporations and require the universities concerned to submit a report on how they would regulate and go about such collaboaration. In this way, the Japanese government can minimize if not totally do away with possible information leaks.


Reference: Japan drafting guidelines to stop technology leaks from universities working with foreign firms


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