Imari Roaji at Saga Prefecture to host Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants by 2020

The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most iconic dishes. It is definitely among the bucket list of hundreds of thousands of food enthusiasts and globetrotters from different countries worldwide. There is a wide selection of food choices and cuisines in Japan and there is a lot more to discover once you visit the country.


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Each prefecture in Japan has its own unique culinary preparation, tradition and food products such as but not limited to their distinctive rice produce, seafoods, miso, rice wine or sake and even pickles. These cuisines are a reflection of their cultural heritage and the local’s rich history and identity.


Foodies and travel enthusiasts will surely appreciate the diversity of dishes in Japan. From its northern area in Hokkaido down to Okinawa, every city and municipality has their own special food to offer. For tourists who prefer more practical options, there are a number of affordable restaurants that offer set meals which contain signature dishes of the prefecture. These food shops may be found at notable tourist spots or rural roadside rest sites.


For instance, Imari Roaji which is a contemporary restaurant based in the westernmost part of Japan, aspires to offer not only a mark on the local food scenario but also to leave a long lasting impression about their excellent quality of food preparation and ingredients. It is located in a modern establishment with a good view of the rooftops at Imari, Saga Prefecture. In recent years, the wagyu beef from Imari is also gaining popularity across the country. It is now one of the most established brands alongside Kobe and Yonezawa beef.


During the next spring season, Saga Prefecture is selected to be the venue for the 2020 edition of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony. With its world class food selection, Imari Roaji will definitely impress numerous tourists all over the globe.


Reference: Wagyu and seafood: At Imari Roaji, Saga sends its finest to Ginza


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