Ichimasa to Introduce Soda-Flavored Fish Paste for the Summer Season

The Land of the Rising Sun is definitely among the top foodie destinations in the world. Hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and food enthusiasts have included Japan in their bucket list of must visit places in order to try out some mouthwatering and iconic Japanese cuisines.


The country is not only known for its pioneering innovations and technological advancements but is also regarded as home to the most distinctive and novel food choices worldwide that provide a one of a kind gastronomic experience. With this trend, Japanese establishments which are engaged in the food and service industries are inclined to reinvent their menu or food selection to attract more customers.


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For the past years, Japan has been very creative with what to pair with bread. A lot of Japanese food shops came up with the idea of using butters and unique spreads such as but not limited to mint chocolate flavors, mocha and matcha, among others.


This year, the Ichimasa brand which is famous for its kanikama “salad sticks” consisting of artificial crab pieces made up of minced white fish paste launched another out of this world innovative bread topping. The brand introduced the soda-flavored fish sticks as an alternative spread to be paired with bread or toast.


The said soda variety is intended to beat the summer heat in Japan in the coming months. It has a cool blue hue derived from the gardenia plant. With its delectable cooling effect and appetizing taste, it is a healthy spread substitute that goes perfectly well with salads, bread sandwiches and toasts.


Ichimasa aspires to promote the new food product by encouraging its customers to share their visually appetizing soda-flavored fish spread combined with toast on social media and other online platforms. These blue colored sticks are meant to give a unique and refreshing appearance which is perfect for summer themed meals.


Reference: Japan now has crab fish paste sticks that taste like soda


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