Home Jozu Game Gained Popularity by Spreading Compliments and Positive Vibes

Japanese workers and students are known across the globe as one of the most responsible, industrious and hardworking especially when they focus on a particular field that they are interested in. Every day, they manage their time well and deal with different stress and work load in a graceful manner.


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However, despite their determination and self motivation, there are times when one gets burned out due to school or career pressure. This premise is the basis for the establishment of Osaka’s four day long “compliment bar” which encourages people to give compliments to others. It is also a good avenue to know positive insights about you from a third person’s point of view.


This idea gave rise to the card game known as Home Jozu which means “good” at “compliments”. A publicly funded online campaign initiated by a Japanese website Makuake is now raising money to produce the said card game which is basically about giving compliments to your partner in order to make them feel good and determined to keep going in their daily endeavours.


The organizers made sure that the rules and regulation can be easily understood so that players from all ages can participate in the game. Participants are simply asked to roll the dice and draw the specific number of cards mentioned in the rules. The objective is to compliment your partner by utilizing all the cards that you picked.


Of course, if your partner is grateful for the compliment that you give them, they are also given the opportunity to return to you a “thank you” card. These cards are either marked as “great” or “excellent.” In this way, no compliment will be turned down.


The organizers of Home Jozu aspire to raise one hundred thousand yen in a month. But as early as day eleven, they were able to accumulate five time the intended amount. The game gained tremendous popularity among local Japanese and even international tourists. Apparently, a number of people have shown interest in the idea of spreading optimism and positive vibes.


Reference: Japan to release Complimenting Card Game through crowdfunding


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