Historical Sites Promoted by Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs

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The Land of the Rising Sun is known worldwide as one of the cultural and historical tourist destinations across the globe. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of international travellers and globetrotters come to visit Japan not only to go sightseeing and appreciate the country’s awe inspiring tourist destinations but also to personally experience the unique culture and tradition of Japan and to try out the iconic and delicious Japanese cuisines.


Aside from the beautiful travel attractions in Japan, what makes the country even more attractive to foreign tourists is its rich historical shrines, temples and cultural heritage. In this regard, travel enthusiasts look forward to visit the many World Heritage Sites and Designated Cultural Properties in Japan.


In order for these tourists to fully appreciate the rich history and tradition of Japan, the Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs organized the so called “Japan Heritage” which seeks to introduce the special aspects with regard to the Japanese culture and tradition. People from different countries worldwide will surely appreciate the beauty and special value of Japanese culture through the Japan Heritage.


The Japan Heritage founded by the Agency for Cultural Affairs is basically established to promote the cultural assets in Japan to both local and international tourists. In addition, the Japan Heritage aspires to also promote the regional cultural value and historical contribution of each prefecture in the country.


For instance, the Cultural Affairs and Japan Heritage introduced the pilgrimage available for cultural tourists. This will enable them to visit at least thirty three Kannon in Aizu prefecture. During said activity, the tourists will surely appreciate the ceramics of Hizen which is the origin place of the Japanese porcelain known worldwide for their excellent quality. They will also be led to the mini garden city all over Onomichi Channel which was established during the Middle Ages.


Reference: Japan Heritage: Listening and learning from the voices of history


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