Highly Skilled Professionals Permitted to Engage In Multiple Activities Within Japan

Japan is home to some of the largest and most promising corporations in the world. A lot of international companies engaged in various businesses especially in the area of software development and information technology are interested to invest and operate in the Land of the Rising Sun due to the advanced technology and modern innovations in the country.


However, one of the issues that Japan is dealing with in recent years is its workforce setback as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and vast decline in inward migration. There are actually several industries and sectors that are identified to suffer from the worst forms of labor problems. The fourteen most prevalent sectors suffering from chronic labor shortage include nursing or care giving, construction, agriculture as well as food and service industry.


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Meanwhile, a number of big companies are also in need of foreign professionals who are experts and skillful in their respective areas of discipline. In order to address the current labor issues in Japan, the government through its National Diet amended the immigration policies in the country that used to provide stringent requirement on foreign nationals who apply for working visa or residency status in the country.


Among the most notable changes introduced in the New Immigration Control Act are the additional benefits and preferential treatment extended to foreign professionals who come to work and live in Japan under the “Highly Skilled Professional” visa status. As opposed to other regular working visa, foreign professionals who obtain the said status are provided with additional perks and benefits to make sure that they working conditions and stay in Japan are as convenient as possible.


The Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa may be availed of by scientists, business executives, academic researchers, lawyers and engineers. These professionals are actually permitted to engage in multiple activities in Japan, not only limited to to the particular field that they are engaged in. For instance, foreign professionals who are allowed to conduct research activities in their existing visa may also simultaneously set up a gainful business in relation to his or her research.


Reference: Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Visa for Japan: How and Why to Apply


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