Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals May Bring Domestic Workers in Japan

In view of the workforce setback that Japan is currently dealing with, the government is becoming more and more proactive in undertaking measures to be adopted by the country in order to entice more and more foreign professionals and skilled workers in the Land of the Rising Sun. One of the first few measures implemented by the government through its National Diet is the amendment of the immigration policies in the country that used to provide stringent visa requirements to be complied by interested foreign nationals.


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With the relaxation of the immigration policies last April of 2019, the Japanese government provided additional perks, benefits and preferential treatment to foreign professionals who qualify under “Highly Skilled Professional Visa” such as but not limited to scientists, engineers, lawyers and business executives. One of the important changes introduced under the new immigration law is the privilege granted to foreign professionals to bring along with them a domestic worker that they trust.


Based on ordinary visa status save for the exception of investor and legal or accounting services visa, a foreign national who obtains a working visa is not allowed to employ a domestic worker for their convenience. However, under the new immigration law, foreigners who acquire the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional may bring a foreign domestic worker in the country subject of course to some limitation and conditions imposed by the Japanese government.


By providing this additional benefit to foreign professionals thereby enabling them to bring foreign domestic workers in the country, the Japanese government hopes to attract more and more foreign workers who will dedicate their knowledge and expertise in order to address the workforce demands of the country without worrying about who will be taking care of their children below seven years old, pregnant spouse and their household matters in general.


Reference: Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Visa for Japan: How and Why to Apply


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