Hard Rock Cafe to Open a Traditional Japanese Inspired Branch in Kyoto

Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of international tourists and travel enthusiasts across the globe come to visit Japan in order to go sightseeing, experience the country’s unique culture and try out some of the world’s most iconic Japanese cuisines. Among the most popular tourist destinations in the Land of the Rising Sun is Kyoto. It served as the capital city of Japan for more than a thousand years.


Being the heart and soul of traditional Japanese culture, the city is regarded as the cultural and historical center of Japan. On the other hand, it is is also a city with more than a million and a half residents who have embraced a modern lifestyle with the passage of time. Numerous globetrotters who have already paid a visit to Kyoto would say that the city is truly a perfect combination of traditional and modern aspects of Japan.


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Nonetheless, it does not come as a surprise that Kyoto exhibits a strong manifestation of traditional Japanese culture, heritage and arts. Since traditional aesthetics is a predominant theme in Kyoto, restaurants, shopping malls and other modern firms that intend to open their business establishments in the city would make a conscious effort to blend in.


One of the most recent chain of theme restaurants that seeks to open a branch in Kyoto is the Hard Rock Cafe which is known worldwide as the original rock and roll restaurant serving burgers and steaks. Aside from Western food selections which Hard Rock cafe is known for, the Kyoto branch of the restaurant has revealed that they will include special Japanese dishes in their menu by making use of locally produced Kyoto vegetables.


The music-themed cafe will open its first ever branch in Kyoto this coming July 12, 2019. Instead of choosing a modern inspired establishment, Hard Rock Cafe revealed that it will open its branch in a machiya-style townhouse architecture reflecting traditional Japanese arts. The restaurant also plans to run a souvenir shop that sells Kyoto-inspired Hard Rock items and merchandise for both locals and foreign tourists alike.



Hard Rock Cafe opening in Kyoto in machiya townhouse building

Kyoto – A Perfect Combination Of Ancient And Modern Japan

Hard Rock Cafe


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