Hakone Town in Japan Re-Opened Tourist Spots Safe for Visitors after Volcanic Alarms

In recent years, the Land of the Rising Sun has been regarded as one of the top tourist destinations not only in Asia but all over the world. Year in and year out, Japan attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists across different parts of the globe who come to visit the country in order to enjoy its beautiful sightseeing spots, experience its unique and distinctive culture as well as to try out the wide selection of iconic and delicious Japanese dishes, among others.


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Majority of these globetrotters and travel enthusiasts visit Tokyo as well as the tourist spots near the capital. One of the most well loved attractions in the said areas is Mt. Hakone. However, the famous site was previously ordered to temporarily close down for tourists due to the alarming volcanic alert noted by local authorities particularly in the hot spring resort area situated close to Tokyo.


On May 19, 2019, Japan’s Meteorological Agency warned warning tourists not to get near the crater. The authorities announced that the alert level for Mt Hakone is around two based on a five point scale on May 19. As a result, the Owakudani valley district which is gaining tremendous popularity among tourists due to its relaxing sulfur vents and geothermal hot springs had been temporarily shut down to both local andn foreign tourists for the past six months.


Last November 15, 2019, the local government of Japan has finally ended the six month closure period imposed on Mt. Hakone. Both local and foreign tourists are now allowed to explore the area after it was re-opened to the public. The Hakone town has now opened selected areas in the Owakudani site to visitors from 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon although some of the passage routes remain close because of the possibility of volcanic gas releases.


Reference: Popular Mt Hakone tourist site reopens 6 months after volcano scare


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