Grab Some Special Japanese Treats for Your Canine Companions

Japan is ranked by foreign tourists as among the top twenty most dog-friendly countries in the world. Dog lovers around the globe can explore the rides at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea without worrying about their canine friends. While they stroll around the beautiful Disney-themed parks or try out their fascinating adventures, their dog companions can also enjoy the services of Disneyland’s pet club.


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Aside from pet-friendly stations in Disneyland, a number of pet stores are also becoming popular in Japan nationwide. These shops sell doggie treats, toys and accessories, among others. One of the most famous pet stores in Japan is located in Nagasaki. It has become reknowned for making dog food that incorporates local Japanese delicacies such as champon noodles and castella sponge cake among its main ingredients. This special dish for pet dogs is currently known as the “Nagasaki Wan Champon”. Said dish can be easily prepared in just three minutes by adding boiling water into a cup of noodles that consist of the following domestically-produced components: arrowroot powder, cabbage, carrots and chicken breast strips. No seasonings or artificial additives are utilized in the preparation of this unique canine food.


A pet store owner, Itsuko Takami, began selling the champon around ten years ago because of some suggestions from her customers who were anxious that their canine companions are not into ordinary pet food. Takami said that in order to help these customers, “I came up with the idea of making local dishes that use various ingredients for dogs.”


As a product of her creativity and imagination, Itsuko Takami also produced the “Nagasaki Oinu Castella” for dogs because of the increasing demand for souvenirs intended for pets. Nowadays, these sponge cakes for doggies are becoming more and more well-known across Japan. They are hand-baked by local artisans who utilize only a small amount of sugar.


The champon noodles and castella sponge cake are now readily available for sale at souvenir shops in Nagasaki prefecture, particularly at the Nagasaki station and Huis Ten Bosch theme park. Both these products are gaining increasing popularity in Japan among locals and foreign tourists alike.



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