Gohandesuyo and Avocado Salad: A Simple Combination that is Perfect for Summer

Photo credit to: https://www.momoya.co.jp

Hundreds of thousands of food enthusiasts and globetrotters from different countries in the world consider the Land of the Rising Sun as the best foodie destination that provides a one of a kind gastronomic experience. Aside from the country’s wide selection of delicious cuisines that gained tremendous popularity worldwide, Japanese dishes are known for their health benefits. Even their flavorful condiments and rice toppings pass the standards of health-conscious consumers who are very much concerned about their diet and lifestyle.


Momoya’s Gohandesuyo which is produced with nori or laver seaweed sprinkled with sugar and soy sauce is gaining tremendous popularity in Japan as a favorite topping that is best paired with rice meals. It is otherwise known as the Nori paste. Since it is highly sought after by locals and foreign tourists alike, the Gohandesuyo is made readily available in almost every supermarket and convenience stores in Japan as well as in food establishments with branches outside the country.


Gohandesuyo is a Japanese expression which means “Dinner is ready!”. It became a well loved rice topping among the locals since 1972. Nowadays, the preparation of this condiment is no longer limited to the classic style delicious flavor but it has already expanded to other variants. There is a wide selection of Gohandesuyo flavors which customers may choose from.


One of the latest variations to the typical Gohandesuyo condiment is the avocado salad. It is perfect especially to beat the heat during the summer season in Japan. The combination of avocado salad and Gohandesuyo work wonders. Both locals and international food enthusiasts would definitely love it as a comfort food. It can either be served as a side dish or in an avocado fruit shell in the form of a tapas. The basic ingredients needed to produce this mouth watering mixture are just the avocado fruit, wasabi paste, green onions and of course the nori paste or Momoya Gohandesuyo.


Reference: Quick & easy recipes to try with Gohandesuyo! Nori paste


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