Gaming addiction in Japan sparks concern

Japanese kids, particularly teenagers, are in danger of getting too addicted to computer and/or video games. Of course, majority of teenage boys are more addicted to violent games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike but that hasn’t stopped a handful of girls to play violent games as well.


And equally, the vast majority of teenage girls are addicted to social media and related games. And it also hasn’t stopped some teenage boys from playing on social media either.


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But some psychologists and experts are saying that these games are getting too much for them and they need to get out more and become more sociable instead of being too transfixed on their devices.


Some argue that violent computer games such as the Grand Theft Auto series of games inspire young boys to become violent and treat people as nothing more than objectives they think they’re completing.


And on the other side of the coin, some argue that video games don’t really contribute to individual violence because history has shown us that countless wars were fought without computer games.


They stipulate that the Greeks, Romans, Huns, Arabs, Mongols, Spanish and British all conquered lands long before the advent of the computer let alone computer games. These arguments have sparked fierce debates ever since.


Some families are so worried and concerned for their kids that they’re now starting a program that would “interfere” with their games and they have been called Intervention Specialists.


They are people who specialize in interfering with toxic habits of people and teach them the correct way of living – in this case, to stop playing computer games to excess.


The gaming epidemic is so bad that there were reports of a single individual having 50 accounts in an online game and that they’d spent nearly $70,000 to achieve that.


Such is the level of addiction and parents are getting tired of it.


Reference: Doctor helps problem gamers looking to hit reset button


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