“Friends” Inspired Cafe is set to Open in Tokyo for a Limited Period

One of the most iconic situational comedy all over the globe is the American TV series “Friends”. The show gained tremendous popularity on a universal scale which includes the Japanese market. It has been twenty five years since the said series started in 1994 and this year, a popular cafe in Tokyo, Japan decided to celebrate the show’s silver anniversary with a special offer.


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FoodLab cafe is situated at the lower floor of the Loft Store in Ginza at the capital city of Japan. The cafe owners intend to set up an an area for photographs ad selfies with a backdrop that is similar with Central Perk which is the place where the main characters of “Friend” usually meet. While posing for a souvenir picture, the cafe goers may utilize various items such as couch, rug and coffee table in order to enable them to imitate their favorite character.


Aside from the “Friends” inspired decors and themes, the cafe will also be selling limited edition merchandises such as but not limited to signed stills, card sets and door photo frames which resembles the one featured on Monica’s main door in the television show. Purchasing customers may avail of the special bromide showing the six characters taking their final bow during the last episode of the TV series.


The cafe will not only be selling “Friends” related items but they will also offer two commemorative items in their menu: the Friends 25th Anniversary Manhattan Three-colored Gelato and a “Friends” branded cup for six hundred twenty seven yen. The menu also includes “Friends” 25th Anniversary OH MY GOD! Muffin Set for only one thousand eighty yen. The cafe is definitely a special venue where both locals and international tourists in Japan can relax with friends over a coffee and muffin, just like the cast of the TV show.


Reference: ‘Friends’ cafe opens in Tokyo for one week


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