Former Bath House Transformed into a Nice and Clean Restaurant in Tokyo

Every year, the Land of the Rising Sun welcomes hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and food enthusiasts from different parts of the globe. A lot of these travellers come to visit the country not only to go sightseeing in its awe inspiring tourist attractions and witness Japan’s technological advancements, but also to experience its culture as well as try out some of the most iconic Japanese dishes.


One of the many features of Japanese restaurants and food establishments that attract foodies worldwide is its distinctive and one of a kind style along with a wide selection of cuisines in its menu. Majority of these food shops are also known for their special themes.


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For instance, a restaurant located near the Tamachi Station in Tokyo used to be an old sento or a Japanese public bath which was renovated to a food establishment. In its construction, traditional structures were utilized to showcase the cultural and architectural heritage of Japan.


In transforming the bath house, the restaurant owners aspire to give visual appeal, warmth and texture into the urban vibe of the shop. The restaurant came to be known as Bunbuku. It continues to preserve the interior of the former bath house with marine coloured ceramic elephant sculptures that used to spout water, blue tiled walls, oval vanity mirrors as well as the sparkly tubs provide the place a good and clean ambience.


The menu features fried and grilled sea food, pork cutlets, bento style or lunch box sets. They also offer milk based drinks that are served in glass jars. The Bunbuku restaurant is a famous venue for parties and dates because of its unique bath inspired interior decorations. According to Tomohiro Hazama, the general manager of Bunbuku, “People bring little towels to put on their heads, and post their snaps on Instagram. We brainstorm some ideas on how to up the image game: rubber duckies, dry ice, back scrubbers and bars of soap would be perfect props.”


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