Foreigners Now Allowed to Work in Food and Beverage Companies in Japan on Full Time Basis

In recent years, it cannot be denied that Japan is suffering from severe labor shortage as a result of its aging population due to low birth rate and a decline in inward migration. The Japanese government undertook several measures to address the problem on workforce setback. One of the most remarkable steps is the amendment of the country’s immigration law that used to provide stringent working visa requirements.


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Among the most notable changes in the revised immigration law which was enacted last April of 2019 is the provision on Specified Skilled Worker visa which seeks to attract more foreign workers particularly in fourteen identified sectors that are said to suffer from the worst forms of labor crunch such as but not limited to nursing, construction, agriculture as well as food and service industry.


Since the food and beverage sector falls among these fourteen sectors, a lot of Japanese based companies including “G. taste Co., Ltd.” are now looking for full time foreign employees. In the past, some of these companies only allow foreign employment on a part time basis. But now, they have become more open in allowing foreigners who are seeking for work in the Land of the Rising Sun to work full time.


With the amendment of the immigration rules last April 2019, a lot of companies in the food and service industry are now allowed to hire and accept foreign workers on a full time basis. The company G.taste aspires to welcome more and more foreign workers in their establishment to address its chronic labor shortage.


This is also a good move for these business establishments engaged in food and services because the influx of tourism in Japan has attracted a lot of foreign tourists and customers. Thus, it is very important that the staff and crew in restaurants can speak various foreign languages specially English.


Reference: Specified Skilled Worker Visa for F&B Jobs in Japan


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