Foreign Workers Currently in Japan Entitled to Added Benefits under Specified Skilled Worker Visa

With the latest amendments in the immigration policy of Japan, more and more foreign nationals not only across Asia but all over the world are interested to land a gainful employment in the country under the “Specified Skilled Worker” visa. This type of visa is basically granted to foreign nationals in order to enable them to engage in jobs that require proficient skills and considerable experience particularly in the specified industry fields.


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The purpose of introducing this kind of visa is to attract more and more foreign nationals to work and reside in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is especially designated to address the chronic labor shortage experienced by fourteen identified sectors in the country that are said to suffer the worst forms of labor setback such as but not limited to nursing and caregiving, construction,agriculture as well as food and service industry.


In order to properly assess the foreign workers who are interested to apply under specified skilled worker visa, there are two classifications under this visa type. Under the first type, it is sufficient that the foreign national has considerable experience and knowledge on the field that they are planning to apply in. This includes nursing, agriculture and food service industry.


On the other hand, under the second classification, the potential foreign worker applicant must have a higher of skills and experience as compared to the first type. The industries under the second class are aviation, construction, automobile maintenance, accommodation industry as well as shipbuilding and marine.


Foreign workers who are currently staying in Japan may automatically qualify for the industries covered by the second classification. There are perks and benefits that comes with this visa qualification. One of them is to be able to bring their families in Japan and eventually acquire a green card to become a Japanese resident.


Reference: Japan’s New Specified Skills Visa in April 2019


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